RukiTech Computer Repair and Data Recovery Support Center Located in Honmachi, Osaka, we offer specialized computer repair services for expats and travelers. For urgent cases, visit our shop for quick diagnosis. We also provide nationwide courier repai

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Professional Computer Repair & Data Recovery Services

Are you an expat in Japan facing computer issues? At RukiTech, we offer:

To Expats in Japan Facing Computer Issues

● Extensive Experience: 18 years of reliable service and expertise.
● Apple Authorized: High-quality, Apple-standard repairs.
● Bilingual Support: Fluent in English and Japanese for smooth communication.
● ISMS Certified: Ensuring high security and data protection.
● Comprehensive Services: From repairs to data recovery.
● Convenient Location: In Honmachi, Osaka, with nationwide courier services.

For urgent cases, please bring your computer to our shop located in Honmachi, Chuo Ward, Osaka. Our specialized staff will conduct a quick diagnosis on the spot and provide prompt service. This is ideal for those looking for computer repair services in Osaka. → In-Store Drop-Off

Nationwide Computer Repair Service. We accept repair requests from anywhere in Japan. For customers in distant locations, please take advantage of our convenient courier service. With our quick response and attentive support, you can trust us with your repair needs no matter where you are. → Courier Repair Service


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Repair, Don’t Replace: The Smart Choice for Your Computer

In today’s world, sustainability and cost-effectiveness are crucial. Repairing your computer instead of discarding it is the smarter choice for these reasons:

Environmental Impact: Reduces electronic waste and supports a healthier planet.

Economic Benefits: More cost-effective than buying new, extending your device’s lifespan.

Quality and Longevity: High-quality repairs ensure long-term optimal performance.

Support for Right to Repair: Advocates for consumer repair rights and sustainable product design.

Cultural Shift: Promotes sustainability and mindful consumption.

At RukiTech, we provide expert computer repair and data recovery services, helping you extend your device’s life sustainably. Contact us today!


Contact Information:

Address: 2F, Hirano-cho Kan Building, 3-3-6 Hirano-machi, Chuo-ku, Osaka, 541-0046, Japan
Phone: +81-6-6484-6102
Business Hours: Monday - Saturday, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

As we do not have native English-speaking staff available, please contact us via email, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger.